Camping in Masai Mara

Campsites in Maasai Mara.

The cool quiet woody campsites in the Mara are the best for a camping experie

Team Building Training Objectives.

Improve Communication

Enhance Productivity

Address Career Development

improve Trust among Team Members

Minimise tension with the Organisation

Improve Leadership Skills

Embrace Cultural Diversity

Improves organisational productivity

Networking, Know each other

Why engage us for Team Building ?.

Improve Team Work Spirit

Learning & Refreshing Leadership skills

Managing organization Change

Rekindle Staff Morale

Motivating Staff / Celebrating Achievements

Onboardig New Employees

Employee Appreciation

Building bridges Initiative (BBI)

Fun & Unwinding

Team Building Activities.

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Team Building Venues.

Campsites in Maasai Mara


Aruba Mara Camp

Mara Duma Bush Camp

Riverside Camp Mara

Ndovu private campsites

Kiboko private campsite

Oseki Mara Camp

Oldarpoi Mara camp

Camp oloshaiki

Julius river camp

olaro edge camp

Matira bush camp

Eluai campsite


Mara olapa camp

Tors Campsite

Eagle view camp

Campsites in Mara

Kicheche valley camp

H12 Elephant Gorge

Siana springs tented camp

Sekanani camp mara

Campsites in Mara

Zebra plains mara camp

Mbelekenya eco camp

Mara spring safari amp


Talek olikinyei camp

soitok camp mara

Mara silalei camp

Maasai Eco Lodge,Kajiado

Entumoto private safari camp

Campsites in Mara

Manyatta camp

Campsites in Mara

Campsites in Mara

Campsites in Mara

Campsites in Mara

Campsites in Mara

Self Catering Camps in Maasai mara

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